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All exhaled-breath tests are being processed in a way that preserves anonymity by encryption. Actual classifications are visible in the electronic patient file only, and therefore not accessible by The eNose Company.

Results are stored in the electronic patient file and are only available to the patient and his/her healthcare professional.

Anonymized, numerical records of all screenings are encrypted and successively stored in an international BreathPrint™ database. Newly added breathprints contribute to improved, more accurate and smarter classification algorithms. In this way, this valuable source of information on exhaled-breath analysis of detectable diseases will be available to healthcare professionals around the globe.

Currently, a breath test for general practitioners is not available yet. However, development of such a test for GPs will start soon for a number of specific indications. At the moment, any trials for a self-test have not been planned.

In case the patient shows symptoms, the general practitioner or physician should consider performing the test, pending compatibility between symptoms and approved applications of the aeoNose.

The risk of cross-contamination is negligible. The following measures are in place to ensure this:

  • For each test, a new disposable mouthpiece is used,
  • For each mouthpiece, a so-called HEPA-filter is mounted, which filters out bacteria and viruses, thereby preventing them from entering the aeoNose device.
  • The patient inhales and exhales through the (new, disposable) mouthpiece, not directly through the aeoNose. The AeoNose has been approved by departments for infection prevention in several Dutch hospitals, including in the case of Covid-19.

Usually, the exhaled-breath test is performed in a hospital by the same lab that performs blood and urine tests. As the aeoNose hopefully becomes a more widely and generally used diagnostic tool, hospitals may decide to start a separate eNose department to take these tests.

An aeoNose screening test has proven to be highly reliable. To support this claim, we refer to the extensive clinical studies performed, which are further detailed under the Research section of this website. Many years of research have built a strong foundation for developing multiple applications for the aeoNose. This research has included large multi-center validation studies as well as verification of those results in a separate control group of patients

With the aeoNose, The eNose Company aims to enable early detection of diseases like lung – and colorectal cancer. Our goal is to save lives and to prevent unnecessary care caused by invasive and expensive tests and treatments.

We can save lives by early detection of diseases such as lung- and colorectal cancer. Additionally, we can prevent invasive, risky and expensive healthcare strategies. Historically and to date, physicians in most cases still rely on invasive methods like biopsies or expensive technologies like CT-scans. Because of the cost and nature of these procedures, they generally aren’t applied as a preventive measure or in case of slight suspicion.

Introducing the aeoNose as an early diagnostic tool can provide insight quickly without the drawback of cost or invasiveness. The result will then inform the need for any further tests or medical examinations. These will now only be conducted if absolutely necessary, saving precious resources while keeping the patient’s wellbeing a priority.

Anyone referred by a general practitioner or physician based on their symptoms is eligible to take the test, with the ability to rule out or confirm diagnoses the aeoNose has been trained to detect, such as lung or colorectal cancer.

The aeoNose exhaled-breath test has proven to provide very reliable results. The eNose Company has been developing this advanced exhaled-breath analysis since 2008. Over the course of this development phase, long-term research projects and clinical studies have been conducted in close collaboration with physicians in university and peripheral hospitals.

Today, the aeoNose officially is a proven technology, and ready to provide physicians and patients with clarity regarding diagnosis early on. Moreover, over 60 papers in peer-reviewed medical journals prove the benefits of implementing the test. Finally, the reliability of the aeoNose will likely improve even further as more tests are performed and data added to the breathprint database to further refine the analysis.

Yes. As soon as the exhaled-breath test is used in regular health care facilities, the costs will be reimbursed by healthcare insurance companies.

No. You simply breathe through your mouth. The test is not unpleasant in any way. It’s comparable to wearing a face mask.

The patient doesn’t need to fast in order to take a proper aeoNose test. However, please don’t consume alcohol less then 24 hours prior to taking the test.

The physician or general practitioner who referred you for the aeoNose test will inform you about the test results.

You have to calmly inhale and exhale through the aeoNose for a mere 5 minutes. The device then needs 10 minutes to finish the analysis. This brings the total test time to 15 minutes.

Aeonose is a portable breath analyzer. Using the aeoNose, a physician can conduct a patient-friendly examination that almost instantly provides clarity on a patient’s medical condition. By excluding diseases (an increasing number of diseases can be identified by the aeoNose), a physician can make an informed decision regarding the need for additional tests or direction of potential treatment strategies. This exhaled-breath analysis is fast, reliable, non-invasive (no need for injections, keyhole surgery, or biopsy) and therefore patient-friendly.

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